Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blake Griffin Parents - Tommy & Gail Griffin

Ever wonder who the parents are of one of the most electrifying players in the NBA today? Meet Tommy and Gail Griffin, parents of our beloved Blake Griffin.
Don't they look so proud of their son? I would be too if I were them. Look at their son holding up his Blake Griffin jersey. #32, a great number that a lot of other great big men have worn in the NBA.

I would like to personally thank Blake Griffin Parents for the wonderful young man they have brought into this world and into the lives of many fans around the world.
Some background information:

  • Yes, Blake does have an older brother. Who is Blake Griffin brother ?  That's right, his brother name is Taylor Griffin, and yes, he did play in the NBA for a short stint with the Phoenix suns. 
  • Doesn't Taylor look like Blake Griffin twin brother? No, not really
  • Blake Griffin parents height: If Blake is 6'10" ... then I am going to say that his dad is 6'7-8" and his mom is a good 5'10". Dang, I wish I had his genes! 
  • Blake Griffin shoe size - According to someone on, Blake's shoe size is 17.
  • Blake Griffin height: As mentioned before, Blake is a dominant 6 feet, 10 inches and weights a good 251 lbs according to Wikipedia
  • Blake Griffin family - Blake comes from a medium sized family with Christian beliefs. He grew up in the Oklahoma area where he played for his dad's high school team alongside his brother. 

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